Fire and Steel

Synopsis Fire and Steel is the first anthology of The Soldier Chronicles action-packed historical series. This collection contains the five-star rated books 1-5, all brought together for the first time: Liberty or Death It is the height of the 1798 Irish Rebellion and someone is murdering Protestants and Catholics indiscriminately. As Ireland burns, Major Lorn... Continue Reading →


The Dawlish Chronicles

Review by Michael Connery Antione Vanner brings the revolution of naval warfare to life in the pages of The Dawlish Chronicles. Thus far totaling four books, the stories follow the exploits of Dawlish, a Victorian hero who is a man of his time, a brilliant tactician, and continually caught between honor and ambition. As wood and sail... Continue Reading →

Arc of Empire

Review by Michael Connery In his Neuyokkasinian Arc of Empire series, C. Craig Coleman has created an epic high fantasy that is well-paced throughout all six books and rich in both the world building and the characterizations. Coleman’s writing style is succinct but vivid, and the saga follows the archetype of the hero’s quest seen throughout... Continue Reading →

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