Dialogue & the Reviewer

Dialogue & the Reviewer Communication is present in all species, but perhaps the most challenging to capture is that between humans. Dialogue is defined simply as “a conversation between two or more people,” but in a novel, it is the backbone of character interaction. Dialogue is not just a record of the words said. A... Continue Reading →


Writing & the Reviewer: Trope

Trope & the Reviewer As a rule, all stories adhere to a similar ebb and flow, rise and fall, building sequence of events. Trope is a term often used with negative connotations, but themes and devices are common throughout literature. A story is simply a restructuring of those common themes and devices that are retold... Continue Reading →

Writing & the Reviewer: Prose

Prose & the Reviewer As a reviewer who is also a writer, I am keenly aware of an author’s prose in the books I read. The Oxford English Dictionary defines prose as “written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure.” I define it as the composition of an author’s writing:  the style,... Continue Reading →

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