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Writing & the Reviewer: Trope


Trope & the Reviewer

As a rule, all stories adhere to a similar ebb and flow, rise and fall, building sequence of events. Trope is a term often used with negative connotations, but themes and devices are common throughout literature. A story is simply a restructuring of those common themes and devices that are retold and reshaped.

The key to storytelling is to make it new. It was Ezra Pound’s rallying cry to his fellow early modernist poets. Take the familiar and breathe reinvigorating life into it. Make it gripping, make it relevant, make it haunting. Bring a freshness and ingenuity to the hallowed, well-worn halls of story. Surprise yourself, surprise your character. Surprise me, the reader, catch me off guard.

Grab me from the first page to ensure I read to the last.